The most popular foods to enjoy The Super Bowl LIII

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The Super Bowl LIII will take place this February 3 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia, United States. Facing Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots. This is one of the most anticipated by fans of sports in the USA. This is a compilation of some of the most important foods of the season.

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1. French fries: It is the complement of many main dishes and snacks.

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2. Wings. Being the favorite snack of the sports bars, the wings are one of the most popular meals thanks to its taste and practicality.

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3. Pork ribs: Being the most popular dish in restaurants and sports bars, restaurants always buy large quantities of this food for the fans.

4. The Guacamole: in past years there was great expectation about what would happen with the supply of avocado in stadiums and restaurants to celebrate this date, this due to the threats of Donald Trump. The truth is that it is popular throughout the United States.

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5. Beer: beer consumption in the United States increases almost as much as July 4 and is the most popular beverage during the super bowl.

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