Netflix movies: #Polar or how to spend money for nothing.

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The best advice to know if a movie will be very bad and not worth seeing is to follow a simple formula:
1. See it every 5 minutes in advertising on the Internet, whether on YouTube, Facebook ads, television or any other medium. When the movies are bad, they try to compensate for the bad result that will result from a great advertising campaign, such as the Suicide Squad or many other movies.
2. Have many hottest Hollywood stars of the moment together, so it seems that the more famous actors have and the better paid are the worse the movie will be.
3. Have too much visual appeal.
Either by an incredibly good trailer, a photograph of very vibrant or striking colors, or, because the people who hired for the movie are too attractive, it means that the performances will be bad.
Polar meets all this and more. First the movie tricks you with a very good trailer, an excellent picture, vibrant color, beautiful women, extravagant costumes and famous actors, such as Mads Mikkelsen, Katheryn Winnick and many other actors who are fashionable, exploiting its physical attractive with extravagant costumes, but the truth is that the film is an unjustified bloodbath, with beautiful women and buttocks in each scene, with the only justification of being there to be visually attractive.
I had a good premise, a lot of money invested and above all a public with great expectations.
The movie loses its appeal in the 10th minute, if you get to this minute, you’ve seen the whole movie. All the martial arts choreographies are bad and exaggerated.
I did not like it because it’s just violence because yes, for no reason. and that’s strange in me because I like action movies.
So you can not watch that movie and invest the 2 hours it takes to look at the ceiling and the truth is that it’s much better time spent.
Being honest, I’m a big fan of Mads Mikkelsen and Katheryn Winnick, I had great expectations, but this movie is garbage, it’s a blip in the career of both actors, even for Vanessa Hudgens.

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